Terms & Policies



The first 2 sessions are mainly for diagnostic and evaluation purposes.  Please try to be open and honest about yourself, your situation, and your history, providing as much information as possible.


If you prefer spirituality to be included as part of treatment, we will attempt to also discuss related issues within the frame of your particular beliefs, and offer other possible frames as might be appropriate.  Prayer is not engaged in as part of the session.  However, we will be glad to pray for you outside the context of treatment, and in that manner we appreciate your prayers as well.


Psychological testing might be necessary in order to obtain relevant information.  If so, additional charges would be involved depending upon the tests used.


A treatment plan will be discussed upon completion of evaluation.  Our priority is to provide a therapeutic environment focusing upon your needs.  We encourage your input and questions.  However, it is very important to also carefully and openly consider the psychologist’s suggestions. In regard to treatment:   You should write down in advance important issues to discuss. You must share the responsibility for your treatment.  Your full and cooperative participation is necessary.  Psychotherapy requires making a positive and strong commitment to appointments, work during the sessions, and homework assignmentsMoreover, please understand that constructive personal change only comes through practice and continued practice of new skills learned. Research indicates that with such commitment, reasonable improvement can be expected within 10 to 12 sessions.


Treatment by any other mental health professional during the course of treatment at this agency must be brought to our attention. Otherwise, treatment might be inappropriate; also insurance reimbursements might not apply, and you might be responsible for payment of services in full.


Sessions are 45 minutes in length, and on occasion, might extend longer.  Please be on time, if not, this will reduce to length of time of your session.


Payment in full is due at the time of the appointment.  Additionally, we require a credit card to be on file or a deposit in your account prior to providing services.  If you have health insurance that covers our services, we will assist you in filling out insurance forms so that reimbursements can be made.  We attempt to work with insurance companies; however, final responsibility for your bill is your own.  Please discuss any payment problems with the psychologist. 


See Notice of Policies and Practices to Protect Privacy of Health Information.  Additionally, if more than one person is involved in treatment, there is no confidentiality offered between such persons, unless related information is requested in written form. 


In life threatening or otherwise serious emergencies, call 911 or the Oklahoma County Crises Center at 405-271-5050, or go to a hospital emergency room.  In other crises, call the psychologist at 405-858-8777.