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1. Cherry Lane - Revised Edition: The Power of Abuse; Sex, Love, and God; and the Path to Healing (a woman's story).

Inspired by true events, Cherry Lane is a love story on two levels. However, it is also an enlightening experience into, and out of, the realm of sexual abuse. Yes, it begins as a gripping tale of tragedy. But much more importantly, it was written to help us learn the way (the true path) to healing, and to happiness as well. So it becomes a journey of discovery. And as part of all of that, you may find this book as a must-read for relationships,  a need-to-know for parenting, and the essentials of simply learning to deal with life. But even more than that, you may also find it to be a marvelously wonderful and spiritually edifying story which offers us something  which all of us very much need -- hope; and help and understanding in terms of people, relationships, love, and maybe even the meaning of life itself.
Cherry Lane - Revised Edition: The Power Path to Healing.

Paperback: $19.99     Hardcover: $29.99

2. The Mental Status Examination:  For beginning and experienced mental health professionals.

Booklet: $10.00  

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  • Emotional Control: Coping, Communication, and Conflict Resolution
    (Survival Skills and Successful Essentials for Life and Relationships)

  • Relationship Skills: Finding, Building, and Maintaning Meaningful Personal Relationships
  • Parenting Essentials and Practical Principles
  • Understanding Violence and Distruction - Teenage Shootings and Suicides to Terrorist Attacks 
  • Spirituality and Practical Biblical Principles for Living Health Lives
  • Finding Purpose in Personal Tragedies and Natural Disasters. Spiritual Reasoning and the Path to Recovery

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